Technology and data create opportunities for every organisation. Their application has become front-page news. However, such innovations also create legal issues and friction with interests in society. As an organisation, you want to remain in control. Considerati is the legal and public affairs consultancy for the digital world, with offices in Amsterdam, The Hague and Brussels. In three specialised teams, we help organisations to innovate responsibly with digital technology and data. 

Legal: for a data strategy which is compliant with privacy regulations
Responsible AI: for an ethical compass when innovating with data and algorithms
Public Affairs: for societal and political support for technology and innovations 

For over 15 years, we have built up our expertise with large companies and governments, as well as growing organisations

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Public Affairs

With Considerati Public Affairs you maintain social support for your technology and data when it affects people, society or regulations. We help building relationships inside and outside the government and we support you with advice in promoting your interests in areas where policy and public opinion are still developing.

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Public Affairs

Responsible AI

Do you know how your mission and vision are reflected in your use of digital technologies? Together we develop workable principles that fit the DNA of your organization and that can function as an Ethical Compass for digital innovations.

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Our clients

For over 10 years, companies and organizations rely on Considerati's knowledge. We have been working together with many clients for a long time. This has led to a strong bond of trust from both sides and to references in the Financial Times Top 1000 and winning FD Gazellen awards. 

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